Monday, March 17, 2008

The Awareness Test

You may be surprised:


Adam Palmer said...

I also saw the grasshopper doing the Centipede.

Richard Gaspard said...

Dude, I totally missed the moonwalking bear. Daphne saw it, but I didn't.

I was expecting to be asked after the video played "How many passes did the black team make?" Then, when I didn't know, I would be accused of being a racist.

I guess I'm a racist against moonwalking bears.

BTW, go to, then click the NORTH page link. You'll see a total babe singing.

Natalie said...

At first I laughed. Then I became very concerned that I might start hitting things that I'm not looking for while driving.

Like, moonwalking bears.

Melanie Dobson said...

That's wild! I totally missed it.

I'm so glad you guys enjoyed Martian Child. Please give hugs to that wonderful family of yours!

Jon says "hi" back. :)

Karenkool said...

I saw the bear and ignored the bear because I was too busy counting. They whole thing was just super weird. I feel like I've been hypnotized or something. Just what are you trying to do here fella?!

happy idiot said...

This test has made me very aware of how unaware I am. Thank you.