Thursday, November 13, 2008

Amor Ministries Trip

{My apologies to all about the lack of posting recently. It's partly a result of my new gig, and partly result from my new fascination with the immediate interactive nature of facebook, which makes me lazy toward keeping the posts coming. My plan is to keep this blog going for many reasons, so bear with me as I re-organize my cheese.}

I'm leaving today on a short term mission trip to Mexico. It's with Amor Ministries, an organization that facilitates groups going into Mexico to build homes for families that don't have one.

Chana, Micah and McKenna are going as well, and we're all really excited about the trip. Chana, Micah and I went on a trip with Amor three years ago, and the result was life changing. We expect nothing less this time. I will get some pics (and maybe some video) posted soon!

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Jon said...

On behalf of Amor Ministries, we're so stoked you and your family are serving with us with us! Thanks.