Monday, January 26, 2009

Catching Up

Too many things have happened since my last real entry, so I’ll just try to do a bit of catch-up work, and then I‘ll get back to blogging in my semi-regular way.

In November, I started a new job. I’m a picture editor at Jim Henson Co. Above is the building I'm working in now. I admit it's pretty cool to be working for the company founded by the man who created the Muppets!

This is a departure career-wise for me, because I’ve been strictly in sound for so long, but I’ve enjoyed the change and the challenge of it. I still cut sound effects for my storyboard reels, so that’s keeping me sharp in that arena.

The show is for pre-school age kids and very cute. It’s called “Dinosaur Train”, which will debut Labor Day week on PBS this year. It’s CG animation and sort of new territory for Henson Co, but so far so good. As soon as I’m allowed, I’ll post some images from the show.

One of my goodest friends in LA, Dan Molina also joined the crew at the beginning of this year, so it has become that much more fun to go to work. He is a seasoned film and sound editor, whom I have already told that I will unapologetically steal as many ideas and tricks of the trade from.

I am sure I’ll so more sound work in the future, either at WB or Skywalker Sound, both of which have been very good to me in the past but I’m just going to ride this wave while it’s here. Jobs in the film industry aren’t necessarily abundant right now, so I’m happy to have this one.

One major downside of this gig is that now I’m driving all the way into Hollywood. My commute just grew by about 1 million cars. I go less crazy when I commute on my motorcycle, but I also have more road-raged drivers to worry about.


BTW, in case you haven’t visited, Hollywood is anything but glamorous.

We stayed home for Christmas and New Years. I’m sure I don’t need to explain how nice it is to be home for the holidays.

We went to Travel Town in Griffith Park for our friend Elliot Edwards’ 2nd birthday party.

Last week we we're in Oklahoma for my Grandmother Esther’s Memorial service. We were finally able to bring her to her final resting place alongside her husband Lester. Esther and Lester are finally reunited after so many years. I know they’re having a great time together.

The other night, McKenna our 10 year old, had a dream about Esther running around a playing with our family. I know she was given a picture of the future when we’re all together in heaven. That’ll be a sight!

Coming soon:
I’ll be back with more industry/editing related stuff soon. I’ll take you along with me on that adventure, sharing Final Cut Pro tricks and insights on editing as I discover them.

I’ll give you some glimpses of the Henson lot as well. The history is amazing, since it used to be the Charlie Chapman lot.

Plus, I’ll share with you my favorite addictive podcast.


Dale Baker said...

Thanks Mark for the wonderful blog post! That's so awesome that you're working for Henson...that fact that it's Charlie Chaplin's old place is so cool to me...Is the old Ocean Way studios (I think it was renamed "Henson Studios" on that lot too?

Anonymous said...

Mark, congrats on the new gig. Very exciting. We miss you up here, though.

Mark Keefer said...

Lee, thanks!

Dale, it's the A&M Records studio that's on this lot. A lot of recording artists come through the lot to the studio. Most of whom I don't know who they are at all.

Melanie Dobson said...

Hey Mark! Congrats on your new job! It sounds like a good gig in spite of the location. The girls and I (and Jon too :) will look forward to watching the new show.

Say "hi" to that wonderful family of yours. We miss you guys!

Melanie Dobson said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Grandmother as well. I love McKenna's dream about your whole family playing together one day though. What an amazing day that will be!!

Mark Keefer said...

Thanks a lot Melanie.

Anonymous said...

Nice! Thanks for taking the time to catch us up, and to make sure we come back by promising more.

Cory Edwards said...

It's not bad to go to work next to a giant Kermit. And down the hall from Mark's office... NERD ALERT... two Skeksis sabers from "Dark Crystal" and some guns from "Farscape." (In sing-songy falsetto) "Awwwwwesome!"