Friday, July 07, 2006

Good Music Stays With You

A good friend of mine named Greg Hyde has a band called Skyblynde. We know each other from Tulsa, but now he's based in Chicago. I got his EP (4 songs) a few months ago and wore it out. The songs are all great - kind of in the style of the Foo Fighters meets, well, lots of other cool bands.

It's refreshing to hear music that uses those 'guitar things' with strings; a rock band that's not trying to blow my mind with licks, low end or technology - just good, timeless, listenable music.

Why am I writing about it now? 'Cause after about a month of not hearing it, I put it in last night and it was as welcome to me as any of my favorite albums of old. Greg is an accomplished writer, and his songs stick with you - in a good way.

You can find it on iTunes or on cdbaby for about five bucks.

You can also visit the official band website here.

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