Monday, July 03, 2006

Return of the King of Superheroes

I just got back from seeing Superman Returns tonight, and I must say, with all the hype and pressure upon it to deliver the goods, it does all that and more.

Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth are excellently cast, and Kevin Spacey is perfect as Luthor. But a surprise favorite character for me, is the little boy (Tristan Lake Leabu) that plays Lois' son. He was great.

The sound was also excellent. I especially loved the flying sounds. It was very smooth, almost "transparent" sounding. The whole sound package is marvelous. I will be surprised if this movie doesn't get at least an Oscar nomination, if not the win for best sound.


Cory Edwards said...

I agree! I think you'll LOVE the sound on Monser House (big surprise, Skywalker did it).

Mark Keefer said...

Okay, that's two movies I need to watch per your recommendation; Monster House and Aeon Flux. MH didn't get my attention with the trailer, but your say goes pretty far w/me. (Also, I still haven't seen "Cars", and that's Tom Myers' latest to supervise. Chana took the kids, and they all loved it.) I'd better get my movie going schedule and Netflix rotation into HIGH gear.

PS: Went into Costco tonight, and they were playing Hoodwinked on the flat screens. Cool.

Mark Keefer said...

Yes, sand in your laptop is a nice feature!

FCP + MBP = love and happiness

I run 2 gigs ram (max) on my 17", and it runs great. Render time is pretty fast, though I'm not running beefy plug-ins. I'm also running PTLE on this MBP, and it runs smoothly too.

This of course cannot compete with 6.5 gig ram on your G5, but I wonder how deep you dig into that much ram anyway. Maybe you're color correcting as you capture while editing another project offline, and have PT running in the background doing SFX with iTunes also running in the background.

Bottom line, I recommend it. Especially if your PB 800 is coughing and sputtering along and is so old you can't even run DVD Studio Pro or Motion on it!