Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mr. Mangy Rabbit

When you drive through Hollywood, you see many interesting things.

This was taken by Chana from our car (please forgive the phone-camera quality) at the corner of Hollywood and Highland, in front of the Kodak Theatre. He was sitting on his duffle bag and waving to people as they walked by. Most people gave him (it?) a wide berth. I've seen him (we'll call him "Mr Mangy Rabbit") down there once or twice since then, and his act has been pretty much the same everytime.

It doesn't add up, since all of the other street performers stationed there are doing amazing feats. Maybe I'm catching him during breaks all the time? Maybe he has special tricks he does. Perhaps he juggles, twirls fire, or has a team of trained pomeranians in his bag. I may never know, 'cause he's always sitting on that duffle when I'm there. I could speculate for hours, but no one needs to read that.

Next time you're in Hollywood, drop by to see Mr. Mangy Rabbit and tell him I said "S'up Doc?"


Steve Lee said...

That's really creepy.

...Ever seen "Donnie Darko"?

Karenkool said...

I have seen a video clip from Youtube that goes with your Mr. Mangy Rabbit. It's called "The Easter Bunny Hates You." HAHAHA Have you ever seen it?

Mark Keefer said...

Is that the same guy??? My son loves that short. Wehehell!!! Mr. Mangy Rabbit is WAY more gifted than I ever gave him credit for. And maybe I should be glad that he wasn't goin' nuts when I was around.

Oh and Steve, that rabbit in Donnie Darko is awesome.

Tashban said...

Yeah that was kinda weird to see the evil easter bunny when he's not trying to kill someone.

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