Tuesday, September 05, 2006

“Hoodwinked” Opens At A Theater (not) Near You

One of the most fun projects I have been a part of to date, "Hoodwinked" is opening in the United Kingdom on Sept 29, 2006.

[Above] I found this UK “Hoodwinked” poster. I immediately noticed the simplicity in comparison to the US version [below]. There are no actor’s listed, no production credits, and there’s a lack of background graphics clutter like in the US poster.

I also noticed that Twitchy’s camera flash is flashing in the UK poster. Not to give away anything, but that happens in the movie. His flash does go off. Maybe that is an attractive element in UK advertising? Again, I admit marketing ignorance here. The UK poster is less fun than the US version, but it is definitely more to the point. (I realize that there could be many versions of the UK poster however)

**Side note: I don’t understand the distribution process for a movie, but it seems strange to me that they would wait until AFTER the movie is already out on DVD in the US before releasing it in theaters in another English speaking country like the UK. I know that the two countries use different DVD standards, but that can be gotten around. Piracy doesn’t seem to be any respecter of formats. **

Anyway, it’s a very fun movie, so if you never got to see it in the theaters in the US, and you can’t find a Walmart to buy the DVD, then just go and see it “Brit” style with all those jolly chaps and bonny lasses across the pond. It’ll be worth the cost of your airline tickets, security probes, and sodas sans ice.

The director, Cory Edwards, went to the UK and promoted it for about ten days or so. Check out HIS BLOG to read about his adventures there. Also, consider showing him your support by going to one of the theatres in Britain on opening weekend. I would go, but I’ve seen it and I have the DVD too, but I still think you should go and stuff.


Karenkool said...

Well, I've seen the movie here in the US of A (and loved it BTW)--but heading to the UK for another theatre viewing sounds like a fantastic idea!!! Hmmmm...

Steve Lee said...

I think I know Cory from my Buckaroo Banzai days at FOX. If you have contact with him, ask him if he remembers drawing a bunch of Lectroid cartoons for our newsletter. They were great - I knew that guy had talent!

Cory Edwards said...

Thanks for sending people to the blog, Mark!

Now I have to look up Steve Lee... any friend of Buckaroo Banzai is a friend of mine.

Mark Keefer said...

Yeah, Steve's great. We go way back... at least 7 or 8 blogs back. He is a wealth of knowledge.

Did you work with them on a newsletter, or was that someone else?

Steve Lee said...

I was part of a group that put the Buckaroo Banzai newsletter together at Fox, and Cory sent in some fabulous cartoons - just as a fan. I'll have to dig up the originals out of the archives now! Thanks Mark, for helping me get in touch with him. Email me - we should all sit down in the near future and talk shop.

Mark Keefer said...

Yeah, he described to me the way it went down after my comment. Amazingly smallish world. I'd love to see the drawings sometime.

Yes, let's get together soon for good eats.