Monday, August 28, 2006

Back At WB

Well, I'm back working at Warner Bros. Their slow summer is at an end, and now there are more shows to cut. I'll be working at WB Animation on two returning animated shows: "The Batman" and "Loonatics Unleashed", and on two new shows: a group of young teen super-heroes form the "Legion of Super-Heroes", and a new look for the Scooby crew debuts in "Shaggy and Scooby-Doo Get A Clue".

I'll also be beginning the audio restoration process on Volume 5 of The Looney Tunes Classics DVD's. So, there'll be 60 more vintage shorts to do.

We finished Vol 4 in June, so look for it to be coming out this November 14. It's a great collection!


Michael said...

Hi Mark - I run the Legion Omnicom, a blog dedicated to the Legion of Super-Heroes in both its comic book and animated formats. I'm always interested in new news on the show. What will you be doing for the show?

You also might want to change the Wikipedia link, the show has its own page too.

Steve Lee said...

That's great, Mark. Do M&Es exist on all those?

...And on your new shows, are you making sure to follow the great WB FX legacy...? Trombone Gobbles, Bee-ooo-WHOOPs and Zzzurups? Make Treg Brown proud!

Mark Keefer said...

I'm editing dialogue and ADR for "Legion".

I just started back last week, and haven't gotten acquainted with all of the characters in the show yet (I’m just now posting sound for the second episode), but I think the voices the producers chose for the show are all very strong.

If you're a classic "Legion" fan you'll probably like it. If you liked "Teen Titans" at all, you'll enjoy it even more.

I confess that I am not at all knowledgeable about classic comics - all my comic knowledge comes from working on the shows here and usually I'll say something like, "hey that's a cool idea for a show", or "that character is great", only to find out that the show or character was created 50 years ago by DC.

BTW-the Wiki link includes a link to the animated show in the 1st pp, so I thought I'd just give the "mother" Wiki page. Thanks for adding the show link here though.

Have a good one, and thanks for stopping by.

Mark Keefer said...

Hey Steve,

What M&E's don't exist on the LT classics, I have to reconstruct. (Most of the classic M&E’s have been made though, so unfortunately I don't get the opportunity more than once or twice a year - only the most obscure titles and previously labeled "problematic content" shorts still need one - some of the later titles have original M&E's, which are very nice to have)

When building and M&E, usually I can retain most of the comp mix and fill in gaps with music and classic WB fx. (obviously, there are no stems from the era) I have much of Stalling's and Franklin's libraries at my disposal, and the quality usually matches, so it works.

BTW-I wouldn't dream of deviating from Treg Brown's soundtracks while creating a LT M&E. He was a genius of simplicity and comic timing. How could I improve on his tracks? He said more with his few tracks than we all do with our 150 we use on the modern shows (though he DID have Stalling to rely on too)

As for the new shows, I'm not cutting fx, just dial/adr. Treg's approach to sfx isn't still necessarily being followed... pity. Everything sounds like a blockbuster movie.