Friday, August 11, 2006

World 3-D Film Expo II

I just heard about this recently. If you're in the LA area, you should think about taking in part of this festival. It's taking place at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, Sept 8-17th.

I'm planning on going on the 16th. The line-up that day is incredible.

For instance: there is an animation segment showing lots of 3-D classic cartoons, and one of the special guests will be the one and only Jerry Beck. He is one of the foremost authorities on classic animation alive today.

Also, the movie "Charge At Feather River", where the "Wilhelm" scream got it's name, is showing. I can't wait to see (and hear) that!

Thanks to Steve Lee for informing me of this great festival!


dylan said...

I'm sooo jealous.

Steve Lee said...

Glad you're coming. Be sure to cheer for Wilhelm. Ben and Richard are probably going to be there too. And, yeah, Jerry Beck's a great guy.

Gyle's blog said...

Hey man. I just entered blogger world. I'll send you my url.

Mark Keefer said...


I have a couch for you, what're you waiting for??

Mark Keefer said...


I'll look for you there, it would be great to meet you. Thanks again for the tip.

dylan said...

Man, don't I wish...all those classics! Just saw Superman in 3D. Such impressive new technology, can't wait for Star Wars to make the jump.

I think we're gonna make an exploratory trip to LA in the spring we're gearing up for a move to a bigger market, just have to decide on east or west coast. My cousin Katy Mixon lives out there and is about to debut in her first feature, "The Quiet". We'll have to get in some Keefer time for sure.

danielgrothe said...

Mark,I entered blogger world, too. My url is

Let's keep in touch.


Steve Lee said...

Did you make it? I was part of the Bob Burns' anniversary party, which kinda distracted me from looking for people. But I hope you enjoyed it.

Mark Keefer said...

I was there. For the Animation Show and "Charge at Feather River". I looked for a sepia colored guy with a gotee and headphones on. (ie: your profile pic) But no findy. We'll have to hang out another time I guess. Lookin' forward to it.

BTW - I haven't ever seen "Charge at Feather River" before. Loved it. I was one of the few to cheer whenever the 'Wilhelm' was used. Too bad it's not available on DVD yet.