Friday, September 07, 2007

New Responsibilities at WB

I just started back at WB Animation for another season of "The Batman", and another restoration project of the classic "Looney Tunes" shorts. It's good to be back, seeing as they don't pay you when you stay at home and don't work for them. It's been 6 weeks, I hope I can remember what all these knobs are for.

Another exciting duty I've been given this time though, is to keep our new patch-bay connected properly. This is a photo of me reading the diagram, trying to keep straight all those insert possibilities. I'm honestly flummoxed, because it's too darn technical.

What do they expect? I'm an editor, not a rocket scientist! Do I plug it into the one with the glowing light, or just try 'em all? I have to hurry, 'cause Mel Blanc's waiting to start his voice session.

Obviously, I will not last long here unless I get my act together. If you know anything about these new patch-bays, please let me know.


happy idiot said...

My grandmother had curtains like your shirt.

TigKat said...

well first of all, don't use aluminum coke cans as plugs anymore.

sarah said...

I find it very helpful if you plug it straight into your head...its a bit of a jolt at first but don't worry, that tingling sensation wears off in a jiffy

Karenkool said...

You know--I distinctly remember commenting here a few days ago... but it's gone *gasp* [insert music duh du du duuunnnn]. Have I lost my mind? Has the world gone mad?? Has your blogspot been hacked??

Anyway--all I wanted to do was warn you: DON'T CUT THE RED WIRE!!

Mark Keefer said...

Thanks for all the advice people. (and turtles)

As I plug it into my head, I'll be sure to use plastic coke bottles while avoiding the red wires.