Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar Sound 2-fer

The Bourne Ultimatum pulled off a double Academy Award win in the sound categories tonight, "Best Sound Editing" and "Best Sound Mixing". It's a great movie, great sound effects, and great mixing. Check it out.

The last films to win in both categories: King Kong (2006), and before that, Master and Commander (2004).


Adam Palmer said...

And with its "Film Editing" pickup, this picture actually came home with the second-most awards (3), after "No Country for Old Men" (4). And, it was the only film that swept every category in which it was nominated. So... way to go, Jason Bourne.

I was curious to know how you felt about the sound wins. Was it deserving of the awards it got, eh?

Mark Keefer said...

I meant to make it plain that I really loved the sound work on this film, as well as the picture editing. Lots of facets and crazy action, plus a few nice twists to the soundscape.

One thing I'm not a fan of is the constant steady-cam shooting in this and many other films these days. I get sick while watching on the big silver screen. At home though, it's fine. :)

Guess I'm getting old. Will the next thing to go be roller coasters? I hope not.

Adam Palmer said...

Yeah, I've learned to sit towards the back when I see a Paul Greengrass film in the theatre. And when I heard the conceit of "Cloverfield," I knew to sit toward the back of that one as well. "U2 3D," however, was awesome no matter where you sat.

As long as you aren't experiencing the roller coasters in IMAX 3-D, you should be fine.

And, as has already been established, I enjoyed the latest Bourne immensely.