Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Riding Again...

Okay, this isn't a photo of me, but it's how I feel on the inside again, because after a little over two weeks off, I am finally riding again.

I was sick for a week, then the California rains came for the entire next week (I'm not hardcore enough to choose to ride in the rain).

Though waiting for the rains to end was a bummer, the payoff of our way-ahead-of-schedule rainfall for the year has left us with gorgeously green mountains, where they had been a deserty dull brown the past couple of years.

I know what you're thinking: "That looks like Austria, circa 1965, and maybe a screen-grab from 'The Sound of Music.'" ..................... Yes, okay maybe, but I couldn't find any good pics of So-Cal mountains that have a greenish hue to get my point across.

All that to say, I'm glad to be riding again and the scenery is even more amazing than usual. Knowing California, the green will fade to brown again as the rains become a distant memory. That will just make it all the more sweet again when the rains come again.


Richard Gaspard said...

I think you should PhotoShop yourself into that mountain picture. You could wear lederhosen and stand next to your bike. Or you could chroma key yourself singing the good night song from "Sound of Music." That'd be worth THREE Golden Reels, the previously-mentioned Oscar sound 2-fer AND an Emmy!

Mark Keefer said...

:) yeah man.

My favorite part of doing that song would be the "I flit, I flit, I fleetee fleetee fly" or whatever it is... something like that.

Great idea Rich.

BTW - my word verification for this comment was: r1c4aRdizCr4see

Richard Gaspard said...

Unfortunately for you, Mr. Keefer, I read Word Verification (it was an extension course @ ORU). I am not Cr4see as you would contend. You, however are fu77 ov cr8p.

(that's "crap," not "crepe").

Mark Keefer said...

Glad you learned something there! Between "Wearing A Tie 201", and "How To Mix On a Fifty Year-Old Quad-Eight", I didn't think you had time for much else.

Richard Gaspard said...

Don't forget "10 Easy Steps to Becoming a 'Yes' Man," "Lindey's Puppets 551 (grad-level)," and of course "Architectural Design With No Resale Value 101" (personally taught by Oral).

But my favorite one was "PhotoShopping Yourself Into an Austrian Mountain Scape Picture 211."

I'm not going tot take the Quad-Eight dig as an actual dig, but as a compliment on my mixing capabilities.

I miss our face-to-face witty banter.

Adam Palmer said...

motrsikls r neet.

How's that for witty banter? Huh? Guys?


I went to ORU, too, you know. Hello?



Karenkool said...

I went to ORU!

I was Cr4see2. Still am.

Mark, that photo did NOT fool me one iota, you know. Maybe a little photoshop would be in order. But my vote is that you be riding your bike and (yes) wearing lederhosen, with the wind blowing your long hair out the back of your little nazi-style helmet. Have a fun ride, yo.

Richard Gaspard said...

I want to go on record stating that I did not go to ORU. My wife did, however (1998 grad, 3.98 GPA). I only worked and taught there. When were you other guys there?

Mark, you do realize that you are no longer in charge of your own blog, and it's your own fault for throwing out the ORU reference.

Karenkool said...

I was there from 85-90. My husband was a dorm director from 89-90. I, the lone married-female, lived on the second floor of EMR (yah, boys dorm) for first semester and then the tall tower (Michael Cardone) the second semester. I think we were the only newlyweds around at the time. Not FUN!! Someone pulled the fire drill every single night for weeks on end. Losers!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Oh... I had a 4.0 for my first 5 semesters. But that all changed as time went on...

Adam Palmer said...

I was a commuter student, '93-'95. What's an "EMR"?

I majored in pithy Christian swearing that isn't really swearing. Lindsay has to pay me 50 cents every time she says, "You tell the devil to get the HELL out of your life!"

Karenkool said...

My roommate (Sohailah) was a chaplain and we would hold those early morning prayer meetings in our room and tell "the devil to take his sh*t (sorry Mark) and get the Hell outta here!!" We don't get paid for nothing! I should have been an author.