Thursday, July 17, 2008

Please Pray For Chana

Yesterday, Chana took a fall from a tree (what can I say, she's still a tom-boy) and injured her ribs, neck and back. She is able to move about with extreme difficulty. At first the pain was merely severe, and she thought it would subside in time. It has steadily gotten worse and has become agonizing.

She has been x-ray'd, and we're still waiting for results. Unfortunately, I'm in Nor Cal on a job and can't be home until Saturday. Our family friend, Hannah is still with us, but she leaves on Saturday. She will be a great help until she leaves though, so I'm thankful that she is there. Of course, if I get news that Chana is in need of serious attention (hospitalization, etc), or just wants me to come home, I will be home before that.

Please pray for Chana's recovery. Please pray that there is nothing seriously injured, and she will be able to return to normal health immediately. God is the God of healing, and we believe He still does miracles. Please pray for this.

Thank you so much.


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