Monday, February 23, 2009

Academy Awards - Sound Category Results

Well, well. The huge wave of 'awards' love Slumdog Millionaire enjoyed, spilled over into the Best Sound Mixing category Sunday night with a win. Congrats guys!

Selfishly, I was disappointed that none of my friends took home the hardware. My expectations were that it would be a close race between The Dark Knight and Wall-E. Both films deserved it, but Slumdog came out on top.

The Dark Knight did win the Best Sound Editing category, and this was no surprise. I also expected this to be a close one with Wall-E, which has phenomenal sounding tracks. The Dark Knight took it, and congrats to Richard King for that.

Very soon I'll post some pics from the MPSE (Motion Picture Sound Editors) awards show I went to on Saturday night, and not to give anything away, but our team won again this year! More to come...


mandy said...

"not to give anything away, but our team won again this year!"

HAHA! Congrats! :)

Lee Doyle said...

Ah...good for GL.