Monday, February 05, 2007

Dreams in the Midst of Bitter Cold

Today at 3am, I took our oldest son, Micah (14), to the airport for his trip to Lake Placid for Luge Training Camp. I have written about his opportunity before. Well, when he was accepted to go to the camp, we knew it would be cold up there, but we didn't expect this:

We're already concerned to be sending him without one of us (there are chaperones traveling along), but now he's facing a grueling week of training, PLUS temperatures that might be less than fun. Of course my definition of fun and his don't always agree anyway, so he'll probably be in ice heaven.

God-speed Micah, you will need His speed to warm yourself up!


Karenkool said...

NO WAY!!! My 14 yr old is going to be so jealous! Anyway, don't worry too much. Kids don't even feel the cold at that age!

Anonymous said...

Micah's comments this week have been mostly along the lines of "It's frickin' awesome!" so I don't think the cold's buggin' him too much although he did tell his dad his fingertips get cold. Makes me shiver just to think about it!

Chana--Micah's mom; Mark's adoring wife

Karenkool said...

So let's hear a full report about the week please! :-D

Karenkool said...

And when is Chana gonna start blogging??

Mark Keefer said...

Micah is preparing a "statement", and I'll get that to the public asap.

Chana needs a blog, as I've been telling her. She's not caught that bug yet. Hopefully soon.

Seth D said...

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