Friday, February 23, 2007

Patience Is A Virtue

Many people have been waiting for years for The Police to get around to touring again. For me, it's a bit of a full-circle experience, and a welcome one.

Their drummer, Stewart Copeland, is probably close to the top of most drummers "drummers who influenced me the most" lists. His style of pattern intricacy combined with his wreckless abandon approach is a wonderful melding of percussive goodness. I have enjoyed studying (read 'ripping-off from') his playing over the years.

To make good things even better, the Foo Fighters have agreed to open the show I'm attending in June. Talk about abandon in style! I'm sure that both Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins have both taken pages out of Stewart Copeland's playbook when creating each of their approaches.

Foo Fighters

Being patient has paid off now that The Police are playing again this year. Now, I'll have to just be patient enough again to make it to the show in June. Hope to see you there!


Karenkool said...

Sick! They're not coming to NYC until August and tickets are sold out... of course they can still be found on Shall Terry and I get the seats on the floor for $6000? or the nose bleed section for $140? I think the floor!

Mark Keefer said...

Definitely the floor. Spare no expense.

BTW - I'm still digging for my "Ghost In The Machine" tour t-shirt. Those were different days, I camped out in icy weather for those tickets.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... this feeling. What could it be? Envy? Me thinks so.

Read one of Stewart Copeland's blogs about him sitting in on drums for a song on the last Foo Fighters tour. Very cool stuff... he tried playing Taylor's kit without adjusting it (you of course knowing Taylor plays matched, Stew traditional). Copeland somehow sliced his right hand on the high hat.

Anyway - hoping they do the same lineup here if they ever announce a Chicago show.

Boys Town said...

yay for the police! and yay for triibe coming to mexico (some day...).