Thursday, October 18, 2007

Looney Tunes Volume 5 Releasing Soon...

Another great Looney Tunes DVD collection is coming out October 30th.

It took about 7 months for me to wrangle the audio restoration of this volume. We had some tough issues with some of the old film elements, and that kept putting us off course. But eventually we managed to get 'em all together for this release.

I think it's a strong collection. It includes a couple of my 'Bugs' favorites, like "A Star is Bored" and "Buccaneer Bunny".

The new rumor is that we'll be starting on Volume 6 very soon. Little did I know when I watched these great cartoons as a kid, that I'd have the opportunity to work on them one day. I'm thankful for that!

Check it out HERE.

Okay, all time favorite Looney Tune... easy, "Rabbit of Seville".
Tell me what your favorite Looney Tune is...


Karenkool said...

Definitely LOVE the rabbit of seville! I haven't seen that in years!!! Other favs that come to mind--although I don't know their actual titles--Haaaansel and Grettle, the Tansmanian Devil, the Martian who always wanting to destroy planet earth... hahaha. Ah good times. I should get the DVD for someone for Christmas. I will be listening for the superb audio restoration.

Anonymous said...

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