Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Scottish Highland Games

We went to the Highland Games Saturday in Ventura. Anyway, it's a crazy sub-culture-thing that I never knew existed until 4-5 years ago, when our friend Brenda invited us for the first time.

Chana and I like to go because of the interesting folks you meet, plus she and Brenda went to Scotland about 4 years ago. I really like to watch the strongman competitions too. I'd participate, but I don't want to embarrass anyone (myself), plus I'm not Scottish, you know.

The kids like to go, 'cause they usually get to pick out some kind of toy weapon. (we're such good parents) Also, the kids love haggis! Not really, but there is a band that plays there every year called Bad Haggis. Think 'funk with bagpipes'. It actually works and they're great players.

The above picture was taken when we went in May this year - my camera was full this trip. In the Ravenswood Leather booth they had all sorts of leather garments for warriors and ladies from medieval times. This girl helped Chana pour herself into that leather dress. Too bad it was about $1,000, or I would've gladly got her about three of them... woo!


Jen said...

Love the dress and yeah, we all know what you were thinking! ;) That sounds like a really good time. I love to find things like that but here in boring ol' South Dakota, you can't find much.

Mark Keefer said...

Hey, you've got Mt. Rushmore. If that ain't crazy cool, I don't know what is!

Ever climb it? :)

Jacolyn said...

Hey, I think the McClungs are Scottish or is it Irish...Dad always said we were Scotch-Irish...I think he may have been full of it ;)

happy idiot said...

mmm... haggis. there's nothing like a nice big bowl of haggis for breakfast in the morning. with cinnamon.

Unknown said...

Ah - you get better weather for the event than we do in Scotland!