Monday, August 25, 2008

Drumming For A Lifetime, pt. 12

Pass It On

The other day, I was playing ping-pong with the kids. It was McKenna's turn to play me, so Madeline went over to this little electronic keyboard we have. She likes to turn it on and run the beat-box on it. So after a few minutes of playing pong to the beat, inspiration struck. I busted out my bag of percussion toys for a full-on jam session.

We've played music together before, but this time I described how to play the percussion instruments correctly, and we played along with the different style beats on the keyboard. Chana came home after a while and joined in. Micah was out and missed the fun.

The kids did a good job staying on the beat, and enjoyed finding different ways to get unique sounds out of the instruments.


Anonymous said...

Well done, good and faithful musician!

Karenkool said...

Ah good times, good times. I should break out my music garden instruments sometime (little miniature percussion instruments... and scarves. You cant forget the scarves).

Karenkool said...

Musikgarten is what I meant to write.

Adam Palmer said...


Your den looks a lot like my den. Except we don't have the ping-pong table. Or the drums. Or the futon. Or the keyboard.

But we do have the kids.

Mark Keefer said...

Gilliebean - much appreciated!

Karen - Shoot! I forgot the scarves.

Adam - Yes, you do have the kids. Bring 'em out here immediately. We need to have a giant percussion jam session.

Unknown said...

i love this!!

every once in awhile we'll all go down to the church during the week...kota will get on drums and kass will play her guitar (both our kids) and brent and i will sit back at the sound board, pipe them through the system and just let them create and express themselves. its one of our favorite things to do!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I know those people. Wait! I was there.

Should have been more pics of the studly dad.