Thursday, August 14, 2008

Modern Technology is a Good Thing

Above is a screen grab of a Skype session with my youngest daughter Maddie. I've been at Skywalker Sound all week, and last night she lost a toof (tooth). I am bummed I wasn't there for the fun, but this morning I got to see her, so I'm happier.

Sometimes technology weighs us down, puts a leash on us, and generally drives us crazy. Sometimes it allows us to connect in ways that keep us feeling close, even though we're far away.

Oh, Chana told me she cried, 'cause she swallowed it! Not 'cause it hurt, but because she thought she wouldn't score a visit from the Toof Fairy!


Anonymous said...

What a face! Later as I was showering, Maddie yelled that she had "barfed up the toof!" I was so excited thinking, "what are the odds?!" but found out later it was "just kidding" due to encouragement from older bro. and sis. Darn! Talk about a great story.

I was a little concerned, however, since we had had rice at the last meal. Didn't know if I'd have to pan for it.


Anonymous said...

Ryan and I used Skype while we dated long distance (13 months!). Love it! We talked for at least 2 hours every night.