Thursday, June 01, 2006

Plastic Man

I just finished doing sound design on a pilot for WB Animation called Plastic Man. The original Plastic Man was created by Jack Cole, and is owned by DC Comics.

This version of Plastic Man has been in development at WB for a few years, and the word is that it's most likely about to see daylight. (keeping our fingers crossed for a real commitment from the network)

The 10 minute segment was directed, produced and co-written by Andy Suriano. He's got serious artistic chops, plus the perfect wit for modern cartoons. I worked with him on another "pitch" a few years back, and this time was another great experience. We seem to think alike when it comes to sound effects.

Andy has been an artist and designer for such shows as Samurai Jack, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Powerpuff Girls and The Fairly Oddparents. The whole team for this short was really good and there seemed to be good chemistry.

Tom Kenny, the man who voices Spongebob Squarepants, is also a producer and co-writer on this project. He also lends the voice for our hero, Plastic Man. I've met Tom before, but never had the chance to work with him this closely. He's a lot of fun (big stretch, huh) to work with, and he's got a great sensibility for sound.

We mixed it last Friday, and I'm pretty sure that I set a new personal record for the amount of SFX contained in 10 minutes. This thing is thick! The SFX were wall to wall; the music was wall to wall. Luckily, the dialogue still cuts through!

A highlight for the family: At the end of the mix, Tom agreed to leave a message as Spongebob on my home phone recorder for the kids. They flipped out hearing Spongebob say each of their names, and he told them to have a "Sponge-o-riffic Square-tastic Memorial Day!"

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