Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Time To Hit The Trails

I don't usually deviate far from the "industry" stuff I usually post about, but since I've listed my mountain bike as one of my interests in my profile, I thought it was worth a blog or two. If this doesn't interest you, please let your mind wander, and I will be back soon with more from the world of movies/sound/drumming and other things creative in no time.

I'm out of my usual work routine at the moment, which means I'm not going into WB everyday, and I'm working from home for a bit. My previous routine had me going to 24 Hr Fitness about 3-4 times a week and jogging or biking on machines; not as fun aesthetically, but it gets the job done in keeping me in top condition, er, well... able to climb stairs without doubling over and heaving mightily.

So... I've been hitting the awesome local hills again on my mountain bike, and I am being reminded that there's nothing like being aboard the real thing.

No exercise bike can give you a rush while riding it, no matter how fast you pedal. I'm thankful that I have this opportunity to ride here. These hills are about 1.5 miles from my house. Ahhh, California.

My first day back, I was only able to get about halfway up the evil mountain I like to climb (Due to my work schedule, I've been completely out of the exercise routine for about 3 weeks now - excuse me, ...urp...) The above pic was taken just before I descended.

Today, I rode quite a bit higher. Not to the top yet, but I'm getting close. My goal is to do the ride without stopping at all. This would actually make things easier as it's almost impossible to get going again on steep climbs. I think I have a week or two to go to reach that level of endurance though. For now, I'll just keep trying to get better with each ride - and keep an eye out for snakes.

More later...


Anonymous said...

muy cool. i bought a mountain bike a few years back, and have loved it. those cali hills do seem like fun... sadly, i'm kinda limited to the suburbian "bike trails" (i.e. long sidewalks that circle the rennovated city dump sites) here in illinois.

ride on...

Cory Edwards said...

THAT makes me wanna get on my BIKE! I have sadly missed it. Consider yourself a lucky man to live by such landscape.

By the way, the WILHELM scream is in AEON FLUX! Right at the end, during the climax. Not a bad movie, either. I think it got a bad rap.

Mark Keefer said...

Well bring it out here Cory! I'm what, 25 minutes away? There are tons of different terrains to choose from. Let's do it!

BTW-I'll check out Aeon Flux per your recommendation. I hope your telling me about the scream doesn't ruin it though.