Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Winter Sports in SoCal

A few weeks back, our oldest son, Micah (13), went to a LUGE tryout. They are going around the country looking for the future athletes that will populate the sport. Funny. Why don't they just start with mental tests? I mean, you can hit 85+ mph on these things.

In my head, it plays like this on team selection:
Luge guy with clipboard stands in front of group. "Okay everybody, raise your hand if you are nuts."

"One, two, three, umm... good." (Scribbles down a note on his clipboard)

"Okay, raise your hand if remaining in one piece is NOT important to you."

"One, two... right." (More notes onto clipboard)

"Okay, raise your hand if you are willing to fly down a mountainside Luge track that has a vertical drop of 30 stories at almost 90 mph laying flat on what feels like a 2 by 4 on a kitchen knife while grinning the whole way...

Alright Micah, welcome to the team." (Final scribble: 'note to self, watch out for tall skinny kid.')

The course was on a hill, using a sled with roller-blade wheels, and the driver had to steer down the hill using only their shoulders, legs, and guts. Micah did well, and they seemed impressed by his quick abilities to learn how to control the sled. If he's selected among 50-60 other potentials across the country, he will have the chance to go to a Lake Placid training camp. There they assess further, etc.

The local newspaper did an ARTICLE about the tryout. Of course, they interviewed my wife 'cause she's pretty. Who knows? Maybe one day we'll have an Olympian in the family. I never would've guessed it would involve the LUGE though.

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Karenkool said...

Wow! Very cool! And scary!!! My sons don't understand why Long Island can't be a tall mountain with slopes and lifts. I told them that by the time they turn 25 the garbage dumps should be about the right elevation.

The Luge... scary!