Friday, June 15, 2007

34th Annual Daytime Emmy® Awards

"The Batman" has been beddy, beddy, good to me. Last night we won the Daytime Emmy for 'Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing - Live Action and Animation'. "The Batman" has won this category for the last three years, and I guess it has proved it's no flash in the pan.

That makes four wins for me personally (and more than that for some of the guys on the team). I'm very thankful for the times I've had at WB, and when it comes time to move on one day, I'll have great feelings and memories of the place. It seems though, that my time here has not yet ended. Good.


Karenkool said...

You totally rock!! WOOHOO!!!

Adam Palmer said...

Oh yeah? Well, I won a... um... thing. It's a free trip to Branson, and all I have to do is sign some piece of paper or something. I don't know. I just wanna get to Branson!

Congrats anyway, I guess.

Mark Keefer said...

Thanks Karen.

Adam, the home of Silver Dollar City is much coveted by many.

Good luck.

happy idiot said...

Mark, congratulations on your wins! That is very cool. Hey! Now I can tell everyone that an Emmy winner comments on my blog! My friends will be so impressed. I will be the envy of all the pond.