Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dangerous Waters

I have finally decided that if my blog's title was going to be "Miscellaneous CREATIVITY", then I had better add some new color to it for that "creative" look.

I am way out of my element here, being the type of guy that asks his wife if this white t-shirt goes with these blue-jeans. So be patient with me whilst I'm in experimental mode. Ahh, for the day when there were only uneditable, fixed templates.

If you have any feedback, please submit it in triplicate to the management. Or here.


Adam Palmer said...

Stupid past comment. Had a typo in it and I couldn't let that stand! Yet there was no way to edit, so I had to delete. Yeesh.

Anyway, I like the new look. It reminds me of a custom Matchless amp I saw once in a vintage room in the bottom of some off-the-beaten-path guitar shop. The "Matchless" glowed red. Felt like I was playing the devil's amp.

Your blog, however, is not the devil's blog. That is reserved for [note to self: remember to insert incendiary pop-culture icon's name here].

Tashban said...

I like the new look! Yes...I'm still watching you..

Mark Keefer said...


Don't you wish there was a way to at least edit YOUR OWN comments? Very annoying. BTW- Matchless are great amps.


That makes me feel very safe. Thank you.