Monday, June 25, 2007

Anduril, Sword Reforged

Last month, we went to the Scottish Highland Games. We had a great time and did our usual listening to our favorite celtic influenced rock music (Bad Haggis, which was great as usual), watching the caber toss (which is essentially throwing a telephone pole end-over-end), as well as other games, and looking at the thousands of weapons available for purchase.

I have always fancied Aragorn's sword Anduril (from Lord of the Rings), but have never gotten one... 'til this trip.

What can I say, I got a great deal, and it's a terrific replica, measuring in at 53" total length. So, now I just need to find some practical uses for it.
So far I've come up with:

1) letter opener
2) butter knife
3) to clean out my dirty fingernails
4) hedge trimmer
5) When the girls become dating age, I'll wear it when I meet their boyfriends.
Maybe it isn't the best idea to use this sword as a common household item, but since there is a shortage of ORCS around here, I have to or it'll never see the light of day. If you can think of more uses, please share them with me.


happy idiot said...

Just remember your mama's advice: Don't run with that or you'll poke your eye out!

DollyGerms said...


Adam Palmer said...

*impressive golf club for the celebrity Pro-Am tournament when you are inevitably paired with Ralph Bakshi
*stand-in for lightsaber when you reenact, in the privacy of your garage (a la George-Michael Bluth), Qui-Gon's death scene
*should you next acquire Glamdring, really cool, yet completely impractical bookends
*the best dang kebob skewer ever
*iPhone discount coupon

Mark Keefer said...

iPhone discount coupon

Good one. I laughed out loud on that one.

{note my refusal to type "LOL :)" - this would've cheapened your humor to a mundane level. I thought it deserved more respect than that.}

Adam Palmer said...

Thank you for refraining from the LOL. Perhaps, the next time that beast runs rampant in your corner of the internet, you could vanquish it with Anduril.

As for the kebab skewer: it works best with a Tom Bombagrill. HEY-oh! I'll be here all week; try the veal...

Mark Keefer said...

LOL :)