Friday, June 08, 2007

WB Animation now at Warner Bros Ranch

We have finally made it to our new destination, moving from Sherman Oaks Galleria to the Warner Bros Ranch. It's about 1 mile north on Hollywood Way from the main WB Lot. It's small (only about 33 acres and 5 sound stages), but it's very cool here.

Here's a great site that has tons of pictures from the Ranch. There are many famous TV and movie houses on this lot, the fountain from the "Friends" open, etc.

Give it a look-see. I'll put some custom pics on here about it soon. We're still settling in.


Dale Baker said...

I haven't found time to update blog either. Congrats on the move. That lot looks like alot of'll have to get some pictures of yourself in front of the Griswald/American Beauty House and the "Friends" fountain.

Mark Keefer said...

Will do. BTW-you're looking pale.