Thursday, July 05, 2007

iPhone Shuffle

A filmmaker friend of mine, Jason Connell (who also did "Strictly Background") made this short film spoof. Have fun!


Karenkool said...

HAhaha! makes me want to get an iPhone right away.

Hey, I tagged you over on my blog. You can play if your want. Let's get the facts straight!!!

Unknown said...

Well, let me say this...the Police were GREAT. Spot on. To me, Andy stole the show with shimmering guitar parts that made me want to be 65 years old. Stewart was amazing and Sting let the guys shine.

Sting jr. was uber lame. He even has a power trio that sounds like a distant distant cousin of the Police. I was embarassed for him.

All in all a very good show, better than expected.

Food count:
2 Shrimp Po-boys (@ the Flying Pig & Menas)
3 dozen oysters (Acme Oyster House)
1 bowl of gumbo (Oceana)
1 bowl of crab bisqu (Mandinas)
1 bowl of Red Beans & Rice (Oceana)
2 stuffed artichokes from (Franks)
1 Hamburger and chcolate freeze (Camillia Grill)
1 Jazz brunch at the Court of 2 sisters

Adam Palmer said...

I'd love an iPhone shuffle, except I'd probably eliminate much of the randomness like I do with my iPod: "Okay, let's let the device shuffle through my contacts and see who I'm going to call. [click] Nah, don't want to talk to them. [click] Or them. [click] Definitely not them. [click] Yikes! That conversation would be longer than my phone's battery life. No. [click] Eh, I'll just talk to Keefer on his blog. [click] No. [click] No. [click] Oh, forget it--I'm just going to watch a couple episodes of Arrested Development."

Anonymous said...

Any chance you're related to Jenna?

Mark Keefer said...

I'll try. We'll see how well I do.

Sounds like you're going hungry. I'm sorry about your inability to find food, but I'm glad you enjoyed the show! PS: Sounds like you're in need of a colon cleanse. :(

:) You should be a writer. Oh yeah...

If you mean someone named Jenna Keefer, then I guess not, unless she's a distant cousin or something. Where's she from? Are you kin to her?