Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sending Out an S.O.S.

Since I have never blogged about The Police (your eyes may now roll), I thought I'd treat you to a short film my wife Chana put together with our kids and some of our friend's kids. She has always wanted to ask some of these questions to the band (the questions start about halfway through), and since she couldn't get to the band when they came through town, she thought this might one day produce some answers.


Karenkool said...


I loved the question, "If you were younger than you are now what advice would you give yourself" (or something like that). Classic!

That Chana is gorgeous!

Adam Palmer said...

Was that you holding the "Stewart, Andy" sign? Hilarity.

My how your kiddos have grown. I guess now I need to make a competing video to put on the internet and show you up.

Even stranger: Chana looks exactly the same. Hasn't aged a day, so far as I can tell. She's like that eyelinered dude Richard on "Lost."

And it's weird to see that you've linked to my blog, supplanting Mark Cuban in the process. I'm a bigger deal than Mark Cuban, people!

Mark Keefer said...

Yeah, Chana is Dick Clark, in that she refuses to age. I'm coping with it as best I can. :)

Mark Cuban refused to link back to me... no, I just needed a change, and your blog is so good, I felt the need to link my small world to it so all three of my readers would visit you.

happy idiot said...

Ever since I watched this earlier in the week, every day, at least 2 or 3 different times throughout the day, this song pops into my head. Was that your insidious plan all along? Good job! I'm brainwashed!

Mark Keefer said...

Now that you're brainwashed, I can enact my evil plot!

Go rob the nearest bank and send what you don't need to me. I suggest using a get-away car, 'cuz yer a turtle!

Not evil enough? How about sending me some In-N-Out vouchers on top of that.

What? I guess I've really got to develop my evil thinking skills.

I'll think about it some more... or ask Karen to help, she's a natural.

Meanwhile, stay brainwashed, and you'll go far.

Karenkool said...

There I was... watching a large tupperware bowl floating along in the middle of the pool (damn kids) and I began to have flash backs to the video... and that bottle... and that song!

Jen said...

Hi Mark! I am new to your blog but it seems to be we know the same people. I think Karen know everyone out here in bloggerland or something. Turtle too. Anyways, just wanted to say hello and I'll be "lurking" on your site!!!

Mark Keefer said...

Nickernoodle - (I'm sure there's an interesting story behind that name.) Welcome, and thanks for visiting.

BTW - Agreed. I'm pretty sure Karen knows everyone on the internet.

Jen said...

Thanks! Actually, my one uncle just called me it one day and it kinda stuck. Not sure where he came up with it but its handy when signing up for stuff on the internet. No one has used that name!