Thursday, July 12, 2007

More Miscellanious WB Photos

Here are some pictures from the WB main lot. This is the theater. I have always enjoyed walking by this beautiful place. The WB water tower stands in the background, which is now a historical landmark.

These vehicles arrived yesterday to be used in some unmentionable iconic film. I can't say the name, but the title has something to do with a state in the upper midwest, and it's the fourth film in the series. You're on your own.

This is an old diner they brought onto the Ranch lot. It sat about 100 feet from my door, so it was interesting watching them dress it for a shoot. (i have no idea what production this was for)

Finally, this is a mural WB Animation had painted. It literally sits just outside my office. My phone camera doesn't do it justice, but the renditions are impeccable. The men are (L-R) Iwao Takamoto, Joseph Barbera, and Bill Hanna. So, obviously this is a Hanna/Barbera tribute. We have other murals with the Warner characters on them, etc, but this one is cool, 'cause it's brand new.


Steve Lee said...

You know, you should really be writing for me. Let's do that lunch soon.

Mark Keefer said...

Where have you been Steve?

Call me. Lunch. Yes.

Anonymous said...

dude, i had no idea that hannah montana movie had so many sequels already... wow.

Dale Baker said...

I love the photos of the WB lot. Really, are the Coen brothers doing Fargo 4? With Tanks? Wow.

james4349wb said...

wow cool pic of the Warner Bros studio lot and Ranch. So let me ask you this where is the new WB animation building on the ranch is it that new building they built on Hollywood way? Its my dream to one day work for Warner Bros Studio.