Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hollywood Lost and Found

This is kind of a natural segue from the previous post, because Steve Lee's "Hollywood Lost and Found" website contains links to several great vintage film locations.

"But that's not all."

Besides the info on locations, his site has lots of Hollywood history documented there concerning: film sound, movie props, trivia and tributes, etc. It's just a good resource for Hollywood info that is hard to find elsewhere.

You may remember my "Wilhelm Scream" post some months ago, well, this is the site I stole (but gave credit for!) most of my information. As a matter of fact, that post is what got me aquainted with Steve in the first place.

So, check it out.

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Steve Lee said...

Wow, thank you. Mark's being very gracious… Everyone should know that although he is not being compensated for this endorsement, Mark (AND his incredibly creative associate Cory Edwards) have both been interviewed for Hollywood Lost and Found – although due to various reasons (including a recent huge change in “day jobs” for me) the interviews have yet to appear on the site. But they certainly will in the near future, along with a bunch of other overdue updates.

Thanks again for the plug! I hope your readers enjoy themselves on their visit to my site, and I'd love to hear what they think.

P.S.: I just heard a Wilhelm in the TV ad for "Are We Done Yet"!