Monday, March 19, 2007

Vasquez Rocks

We went hiking yesterday at Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park. It's about 20 minutes from our house, and free, so right there two major requirements for us are met.

We love to hike. We have some great trails and hills within walking distance to our house. But, I also love going somewhere you can literally see the scenes from movies run in your head as you walk around the place.

For instance, we went up the large rock (pictured above) where Kirk fought the Gorn in the Original Star Trek episode "Arena". (obviously pictured below) We ate our lunch up there. Thank goodness, no aliens came.

The park is about 750 acres, and LOTS of rock formations and trails, so you could spend days going through it all. The thing you have to watch out for is, usually when you get to the top of something, your four-year-old will demand to be carried back down. Just an FYI.

Here is a partial listing of movies that were shot at Vasquez.


Karenkool said...

I have to be honest--the only movie that I've seen from the list you refered to was the Flintstones (that and star trek). haha

Mark Keefer said...

You, Karen, have never seen the first Austin Powers??? Are you even an American?

I don't know what that means, but you should still see it. It's your kind of humor.

Karenkool said...

I know its a shock! I have many movies I should catch up on--seeing as I'm no longer so "spiritual" as I used to be when those delightful flicks, such as Austin Powers, came out. (HAH). Send me that list of corruption... :-) We;ll see if I can catch up.

I watched Borat last night--but I must say, it was over the top, even for me! Borat wrestling with that fat naked man---ewww ewww ewwwwww! I had to stop there.

Mark Keefer said...

Borat. Haven't seen it. I heard it's a good family movie.

Steve Lee said...

You should check this out on my wife's site:

I love the rocks. There's a sister location in Hollywood, too... ever been to the Bronson Canyon?

...More "Locations" article ideas I have to get to someday...

Mark Keefer said...

Steve, I knew you'd have some good stuff on this subject.

Bronson Canyon. Coincidence, or is it named after Charles? I've never been though. Where is it?

I just realized that I don't have a link to your site on my sidebar!!! What an oversite! I'll remedy that immediately.

Cory Edwards said...

I saw those rocks and also immediately thought of "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey." Bill & Ted actually watch the Star Trek episode with the location in it, then get dragged to the location. It's an exact shot that mirrors the ST episode they just watched... they shot you have right here on your blog. (oh yeah... and they're dragged there by their ROBOT EVIL TWINS FROM THE FUTURE.)

So there you go.

Mark Keefer said...


That's always the first movie that comes to me too. Not a real good one (at least not near as genius as the first "Bill and Ted"), but I loved that part when they watched the Star Trek and then ended up there as well.

Funny that.

Unknown said...

Those rocks are where they filmed a chunk of scenes from the Roswell TV series - the one you photographed was their secret space ship if remember.