Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's a Small World After All

I found these a few months ago, but honestly can't remember where. Anyway, this aught to keep things in perspective for you.
(click on each picture for a larger view)

Looking at this makes me remember what a friend in college said once about the bedrock of his faith. He said,
"Whenever I doubt God's existence, I think of the universe. I think of all the planets and stars and everything else out there. Then I think of the formation of them, including all the theories people have concerning the universe's formation. No matter what you believe, evolution or creation, SOMETHING (read: someOne) had to first put it into motion. Go back to the very first moment matter formed or life awoke. The first molecule predates the theoretical 'momentum' of evolution. Someone HAD to be behind it, in other words, created it. That's why I know God exists."
Well, that rings true to me. And since creation, God's creativity has trickled down through all of creation/nature, even allowing His creations (us) to be creative themselves. That is a secure God, and His creativity is a gift for which I'm thankful.


Karenkool said...

What a very cool post!

You are quickly moving out of the slacker blogger status--what's up with that?

Mark Keefer said...

Don't move me into the 'daily' column yet. That's too much pressure. I'm just on a blogging surge at the moment. I'll be slacking off and back to my normal pace anytime now.