Friday, March 23, 2007

Totally Wicked

We went to see "Wicked" Wednesday night at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. Even with all the "Wicked is so awesome!" hype we've been hearing, it still blew us away. (thanks for the tickets sis - fifth row, center - suhweeet)

I'm not going to review the show, but I will recommend it highly to you. The cast was incredibly talented. The humor and music are both great. If you get the chance, see it.

(Oh, and I saw Cybill Shepherd during intermission, which has nothing to do with Wicked. I stalked her for about four seconds, then went back to my seat. They were doing that lights-on-and-off thing, so I had to hurry.)


Anonymous said...

my wife LOVES this musical.

definitely a fun time.

i saved up and suprised her with tickets last june, then she won tickets to see it again a few months ago...

got the cd. she sings the tunes all the time. heck, i could sing them by now...

TigKat said...

Hey, you didn't tell my Cybil was at the show? i was too busy rubbing elbows with the General Hospital cast I guess!
Glad you loved it. Your Sis

Stolmit said...

I'm one of those people who kept telling everyone, "Wicked is amazing. So incredible. Go see it you'll love it." I'm a musical theater nerd and Wicked is in my top five shows. So glad you liked it.

As for Cybil Shepherd, I once stalked Uma and Ethan in Whole Foods. I think they figured me out so I left the store before they called someone.