Friday, March 16, 2007

Larry Blake's Film Sound Glossary

If you've ever been stumped by the terminology of those geeky sound dudes, here's your chance to get even. Filmsound guru Larry Blake has compiled this "handy-dandy" film sound glossary to catch you up with them, and you may even find a few terms they don't know.

It's called What's a Binky?.

Study hard!


Steve Lee said...

That's so funny, I just came across my notes on an early draft of that piece Larry was gracious enough to share for comment while he was writing it. I was honored to follow his footsteps in the sound effects library at Weddington, where he was one of the "founding fathers." He's the Dude.

We could never remember what "SPO" stood for exactly, tho.

Mark Keefer said...

"SPO" - Short for spooky?

Cool, I didn't know LB was a Weddington man before, but why would that surprise me?