Friday, May 05, 2006

Blast From The Past

theCalling is a band I played drums for during the late 80's (man, I'm dating myself with this entry), and Todd Williams, the lead vocalist, has just set up a myspace page for it. You can hear a few songs we recorded there.

It was the cool band that almost was... in that we had some success, some record deal offers, and a thriving regional fan base. Unfortunately, we just weren't meant to be. It was a lot of fun while it lasted though.

Todd, Martin Baird (bass and fearless leader), and Mike Graff (guitarist, and man responsible for the unique sound we had in the day) are all successful men in various careers in Dallas. You can read up on everyone at myspace.

One thing I'm proud of is that it was NOT a hair-band. The music STILL sounds cool in my opinion - a lot of U2, Police, XTC, The Smiths - type of sounds all rolled into one. Check it out.


dylan said...

Funny, I used to work with a guy who played drums in the Calling! I had been wondering what he's up to these days...

Ahhh, looking at his blog (which I ran across looking at the IMDb site), looks like he's come a long way from an ad agency that shall remain nameless.

Anyway, congrats on all of your success Mark! Let's catch up.


Mark Keefer said...

DYLAN! Wow, it's great to hear from you. Are you still in T-town? Every once in a while I try to get updates on you from Jung or Wendy, but their not always in the know either. What's going on in your life?


dylan said...

I've been a busy bee. Got to eat Chicken Char with Wendy and Jung a few weeks ago, mmmm. I'm still in Tulsa, got married two years ago and have 3 dogs (including a Husky that doesn't eat sheep). My wife's name is Ryan, she's an artist and the coolest person I've ever known. As for work I edit tv shows for a new production house here called Smart Concepts...I'm working on a doc about hurricane Katrina right now that will air on DiscoveryHD in the fall.

It's great to see you living the dream man, you deserve it! To picture you playing volleyball with Ben Burtt, well come on... that's just amazing.

My email is Write me and we'll catch up.

Mark Keefer said...

That was goats, thank you very much... anyway, he eats let livestock since the migration to the coast.

I'll email you. MK

dylan said...

Or goats...

Looking forward to talking.