Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Rockin' Spain

The Triibe had a great trip to Spain. The conference was a success, and God changed many lives. We played a total of four times (3 times on Sunday!), and the response seemed really positive. Some people don't know what to do with us - since we're a percussion heavy / spoken-word heavy band, but most others get it and open themselves up to us and our message.

Unfortunately I only have this one picture of us playing. Maybe I'll add more if I receive more. I do have other interesting info from the conference though.

There were many bands at Contra Corriente, one being the UK band Superhero. They are a group of great guys with great hearts, and VERY cool music. Check them out. I believe you can get their music on iTunes.

Keith Wheeler (www.kw.org) is an amazing individual. To promote the gospel, he has carried the cross over 17,000 miles, through more than 160 countries on all seven continents. He was one of the key-note speakers, and he has an incredible story. We had the pleasure of hanging out with him and his wife Cherie a couple of late nights in the town of Huesca. (s.l. weska)

Backing up to the beginning... After flying into Madrid on Friday morning, we proceeded to drive to Huesca, a 3.5 hour drive northeast. We turned the drive into eight hours by stopping for a couple of us to visit as many bathrooms as we could find - sometimes visiting them more than once per stop. Crazy times.

We stopped in a small town called Huerta to visit a Monastery (Monasterio de Santa Maria de Huerta) about half way there. The monks were still living there, though their numbers have decreased by about 500 since the monastery's opening in 1100 AD. Here's some pics from there:

The front gate:

The main sanctuary:

A small portion of the ornate ceiling:

The pipe organ:

One of the court yards:

This is one of the monks. He invited us to a 30 minute prayer-time with all of the monks of the monastery. We didn't know what to do once we got there, but it was really interesting. (L-R: Gyle, Daniel, Mr Monk, and Bob)

This is just a really great self-portrait. Notice how my hat is a tad crooked. Very street.

Spain has a pace all it's own. We gladly adapted to that flow during our drive from Madrid to the conference. It was a nice relaxing time before the non-stop marathon that was the conference. I took this picture in a pub. I just thought these guys would be the perfect extras in a movie.

Triibe plays again in Kansas City in a couple of weeks. I will be joining them for that one too. I'm looking forward to it!

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