Monday, April 17, 2006

Kicking Off 'Miscellaneous Creativity'

Hello, and welcome. This blog will hopefully one day be interesting, as I'm interested in many interesting things. But for now, go read someone else's blog until I get the chance to post some thoughts, pics, family stuff, and news of what I'm doing in the movie business.

Until this blog is ready to change your life, I'd like to suggest these blogs to get you by:

Cory's Curiosities
A blog from a good friend of mine. A film director with more creativity than one person should be allowed.
His blog is very funny. Funnier than my blog will ever be (but bookmark mine just the same).

Dale Baker's Blog
Dale is one of those lifetime friends that you can go 6 or 8 months without talking, then one of you calls and it picks up right where you left off. We went to college together, played in some bands together, and tried to jog together. He is also a fantastic drummer.


Chris Lozinski's Blog - My Dumb Videos
Another good friend and aspiring filmmaker (though he already has several short films under his belt). I have worked with Chris at WB Animation for a few years. He doesn't seem crazy when you meet him in person, but wait 'til you get to his blog.
(warning: his blog is called "my dumb videos" for a reason - but I still enjoy everything he's done.)

There it is - my first post.

See ya around,


Mark Keefer said...

Hey Dale, good to hear from you. I'll link yours permanently here as well. Thanks!

Aaron & Nnifer said...

Hey there! Found your blog thru dale baker... hmm... a guy in LA whose interests are God, Wife, Kids, Playing Drums... sweet. We should meet sometime... my wife and I (adding baby soon) are down here in Fullerton...

Take care!

Mark Keefer said...

Aaron, thanks for coming by! Meeting sometime sounds very cool. I'm near Valencia, where's Fullerton? Best of luck with the baby, they're the best. Mark

Aaron & Nnifer said...

According to Google we're about 60mi south on I-5 ... maybe we could meet in LA some weekend when you have plans there... Over The Rhine is playing the Knitting Factory May 15th in Hollywood... if you plan on going maybe we could meet up there... aaron (at) ... enjoy your trip to Spain - sounds fun! Take care! Aaron

Mark Keefer said...

Hey Aaron, I won't be at the Over he Rhine show unfortunately. I'll email you.

Anonymous said...

Your kids, Sky and McKenna, were terrific giving their presentations at parkday -- and she said the line like a princess. = ) Your wife and your kiddos are awesome. Thanks for sharing this blog with us! The Keefers rock! Jessica, Ben, and Daniella

Mark Keefer said...

Thanks Jessica, Ben and Daniella! Chana speaks so highly of you all and wishes to spend more time with you. Thanks for visiting the blog, I hope you got something useful out of it! Come back often for more riveting sound design and drumming anecdotes!