Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Looney Tunes Golden Collections

I'm currently working at Warner Bros Animation. My duties bounce back and forth between cutting dialogue for the Saturday morning line-up, to creating sfx for special projects and animated show pilots, to restoring audio for the WB classics.

Right now, I'm on a project that has roots back to the early 30's. I'm supervising the restoration of audio for the Looney Tunes classic cartoon shorts. We're working on Vol 4, but this is only my second volume to be involved with. Each Volume has about 60 classics and a bunch of featurettes that describe the restoration processes we had to go through, and there are some great featurettes on the directors like Chuck Jones, Friz Freling, Tashlin, Clampett, and McKimson too.

Audio restoration is tedious and full of red tape, especially when you're at a major studio with film vaults all over the country, but I couldn't ask for material that's more fun to work on. If you haven't checked out any of the released Volumes yet, do it! I'll wager there isn't a person alive (okay, at least in the US) that doesn't know and love many of these cartoons.

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